Sierpien "Zawsze Nasze" Lp


MMR 24 Sierpien "Zawsze Nasze" Lp
New Lp pressing of this great debut by two man political dark punk from Moscow Russia. The CRISIS and MOB influences are clear and the grim sense of hope that these bands portrayed is reiterated in Sierpien's music in a way I haven't heard in so long. Simple and immediately catchy despite the Russian language this is a peace punk album for the modern times. Classic in approach but with a strong emphasis on the current state of conflict/apathy in Russia and beyond. For fans of classic dark peace punk such as FALL OUT, THE MOB, ZOUNDS, and CRISIS as well as Polish "Zimna Fala"/ "positive punk" from the mid 1980s.
From Will Bloomquist of Maximumrocknroll magazine
“Wow, this is such a gem, already a record-of-the-year contender for me and it’s still only spring! Moscow’s SIERPIEN may have recorded this album last year, but it could easily pass for a top-of-the-class recording from 1982, blending and transcending a slew of influences like CRISIS, SIKIERA and the MOB in their quintessentially Eastern European take on dark punk. A studio-only two-piece masquerading as a power trio, the proceedings here are consistently anthemic as all hell; usually cold and yearning, occasionally funky and danceable, and, on songs like “New Middle Ages,” approximating a more anarcho SAD LOVERS AND GIANTS. I could blather on forever—it really is impossible to capture a perfect record in mere words—but trust me when I say this is not the kind of thing you can afford to miss. Simply genius.”

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