Masquerade - Blood is the New Black 12"


Masquerade are from Helsinki, Finland they had released a demo in the summer of 2013 that was highly sought after and received some acclaim in modern deathrock circles. We were super excited to hear new recordings by Masquerade and most people had thought that they had broken up since they went through multiple lineup changes as the lead singer Suzi became known as difficult. We were happy to hear that they indeed continued on and had what we thought was a great follow up to their demo. The production value and aesthetic were on point and with Suzi working hard at maintaining a solid lineup and continually touring throughout Europe and eventually the US in late August 2015. For me, Suzi is Masquerade she commands an audience similarly to Siouxsie Sioux, the same moves, vocal abilities, and fashion. Masquerade is no doubt informed by the Banshees and that is exactly what I love about them. It’s like if the Banshees made a new record and that is precisely why I love this record so much.