Rema-Rema "Entry/Exit LP


“Entry” is the last remaining track from the late 1979 recordings at Pathway Studios that produced the 4AD 12” “Wheel In The Roses” the following year. At 6 minutes' duration too long to sit aside the studio side of that release, the track has been transferred from the original master tapes, cleaned up modestly and is accompanied here with an instrumental version. Tightly-wound, with the typical Rema-Rema elements of Moe Tucker-style pounding (cymbal-free) drums, relentless basslines and Marco Pirroni’s feedback-laden guitar, this song probably hinted more at Rema-Rema’s future path, with its intricate dual vocals, delicate synth motif and a hitherto-muted melodic potential. Paid for by Charisma Records, they deemed the lyrics “blasphemous” and promptly sold the recording back to the band.

12” vinyl with lyric/photo insert

Released on Inflammable Material