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Silent Scream " Carrion Screaming" Gatefold LP ((LAST COPY))


The Finnish Post-punkers Silent Scream have done it again with an amazing 3rd full length. “CARRION SCREAMING” is slightly different yet a growth from their previous material. This band is able to capture and incredible versatility in a time where post-punk is at it's height and a lot of bands are playing it safe. Silent scream took their full length LP to the next level, still heavy, dark and sinister they managed to also embrace an emotional side that is a really nice surprise. This record has something for everyone and we are so honored to have been part of the process. Featuring artwork by Mark Ferrelli of PART 1, gatefold jacket. Combined effort release between Silent Scream // Stupido Records (Finland) // Occult Whispers (US) and Mass Media Records (US) Don't sleep on the release, they'll be gone before you know it!

“I’M HUMAN, I’M SEXUAL” It’s a song about human rights. It doesn’t matter are you boy or girl, man or woman as long as there’s responsibility of your actions. It’s nobody’s business are you hetero, gay or bisexual. Human is animal in many ways. Both have similar instincts like hunger, thirst, stress, affection and lust, but human builds himself a cage when animal is free. Human has strict limits what is accepted and what’s not. That pressure comes from the outside world – other people. So, there is fear of not being accepted and there’s shame of not being a “normal” person. So, you’ve got to beat the fear and shame and be free." - Silent Scream