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Moral Hex - s/t 12"


After what seems like a lifetime we release this 12" of new material from Portland Peace Punk/ Death Rock band MORAL HEX.The bands self produced demo was a cult favorite with its peace punk imagery and a sound that could fill the dance floor at a gothic punk club if there ever was one. This 12" moves along the same dark realm but with a sharper production provided by drummer Evan at his own Red Lantern Studios which doesn't detract from the bands punk roots but brings serves to bring choral guitar effects and even some well placed synths to the forefront. In the time that we have been trying to get this out we have seen a lively moment of what are modern death rock bands brought up though the anarcho punk scene such as BELLICOSE MINDS, BELGRADO, LOST TRIBE, ARCTIC FLOWERS, and more and MORAL HEX has returned to peforming live again supporting THE MOB among others recently.